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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. can you believe he was almost president. he is totally devoid of any moral outlook at all. it's horrible. now he is rehe vealed as someone who goes for the short money and someone who goes for the couple p change. >> and worse, somebody who it in bed with baby killers. >> is al gore really in bed with baby killers? welcome to the program, everybody. i'm geraldo rivera. in 2013 has so far been a good year and a bad year for the former vice president. first of all, he became a very rich man after selling his hard left cable channel current tv to al-jazeera a for
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$500 million. that is where o'reilly's baby killer criticism comes from. in 2008 the arab news channel threw a televised welcome home party for a terrorist. sammy kuntar had been released from an israeli jail in a prisoner exchange. he is a very bad man who i interviewed shortly after the hideous crimes that put him behind bars in the first place. watch. >> naturally, we consider everybody who got the israeli citizenship as is someone who got something at our expense. could we aspire to get rid of the israeli citizenship and everybody carrying it. i will kill every israeli because he came and grabbed my land at my people's expense. >> they were box inside a corner. they ripped the child away from the father, threw the child down on to the beach and struck the child in the head, destroying the child's skull and killing the child.
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this while the father was still alive and did this in front of the father's eyes. >> geraldo: so o'reilly is right, kuntar is a baby killer. since gore are didn't celebrate his release, my beef with the vice president is more are straightforward. it is that mr. climate change took a huge payday from an oil producing emrate that is causing exactly the kind of pollution the vice president won a nobel prize and an academy award complaining about. and the real rub for me personally is this is a guy who once accused me of hypocrisy. i ran into the former vice president and soon to be senator al franken when both were in the building for the screening of a documentary. because i knew franklin an frad interviewed gore they both greeted me. then gore are shaking his head going look where you ended up meaning here at fox news. when i protested to the vice
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president that i was still the same man with the same beliefs he smirked at me and i will never forget and he said well, i guess you will never bite the hand that feeds you accusing me of being a sellout for teaing this job. who is the real hypocrit, mr. gore, i report, you decide. a phoenix arizona jury will soon decide the fate of jodi arias a lovely young woman accused of a very ugly crime. >> what is going on? >> a friend of ours is dead in his bedroom. >> geraldo: the gruesome scene in june of 2008 when 30-year-old travis alexander is found murdered in his mesa, arizona, home. >> jodi arias killed travis alexander. the million dollars question is what would have forced her to do it? >> geraldo: after trying to implicate others, jodi arias through her attorney settles on is self-defense. >> it was travis of it continual abuse. >> geraldo: but if jodi killed
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travis because she feared otherwise he would kill her why did she tell the cock and bull story to inside edition. in. >> two people took travis' life. two monsters. >> you did not kill travis? >> i have never even shot a gun. >> geraldo: the second week reveals that she lived in a web of lies even about where she work. >> she told me she he worked at magglio ritaville and she cut her. is there a business establishment, a bar or restaurant by the name of margaritaville? >> no, sir. >> geraldo: her commitment to the professed mormon faith is also challenged by one-time love interest ryan byrnes who questioned jodi about the nature of her continuing relationship with the victim. >> i found out that they had had sex together. >> geraldo: according to ryan's testimony, jodi told him that she and travis broke up earlier
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because travis was unfaithful and treated jodi poor early. >> seemed like the reason they broke up is because they didn't trust each other. >> geraldo: only to find out that jodi continued her relationship with travis. >> told me that they talked a couple of times a week. that shocked me because i thought that relationship was in the past. >> geraldo: jodi was supposed to visit boyfriend ryan byrnes in utah on wednesday, june 4. >> what day of the week was she supposed to arrive to see you? >> wednesday morning is is when she had said. >> what time did she get to your house? >> maybe around 10:00 or 11:00 the next day. >> that was thursday then. and she was supposed to get there wednesday? >> yes, it was 24 hours after i was originally expecting her. >> where was the one-time blonde bomb shell during the missing 24 hours? >> she said a few things happened and she took the wrong
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freeway and she he lost her car charger and had foregot to bring it. >> geraldo: in reality, jodi is miles away in mesa, arizona, snapping photos of her ex-boyfriend moments before travis' death. still, jodi's attorneys cling to their theory of is self-defense. >> jodi had to makes a choice. she would either live or she would die. >> prosecutors hope the angelled web will help convince the jury that she committed savege murder. >> mr. alexander did not die calmly. he fought whoever this person was that had killed him, he had fought. >> geraldo: meet our first guest tonight, dave hall. last week we met him. he is back. a friend of the victim. he has been in court monitoring the action. welcome back. dr. david hughes an even closer connection to travis alexander the man who was slain. dr. hughes introduced travis to the woman who would ultimately
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kill him. dr. hughes, how did you happen to introduce travis to jodi? >> we were at the convention a legal shield convention in las vegas and i had met jodi for the first time. i knew of her. i had talked to her on the phone. that was the first time i had met her and she is an attractive girl and i knew that trace gallagher travis alexander is a single guy and always looking. i said there s a cute gal on my team and you should meet h her. he said introduce me. the relationship developed after that. >> geraldo: the rest is his tore arery. grim nightmarish history. dr. hughes, you never had a relationship with jodi? >> no. >> geraldo: did you when you heard that travis had been murdered did you like so many others immediately suspect that she had perpetrated the crime? >> yeah, we -- we -- there was many of us who knew immediately that she was the one that did
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it. and there was nothing -- it was not like she had a criminal h history or anything like that but it was just some really weird things that she would do. weird behavior. the way she he acted. the way she followed him from -- when would go on dates she would -- there is things in the courts where are she has been referred to as stalking. so we knew all of that stuff. and is so when she -- as soon as we got the word that he was murdered everyone knew immediately it was jodi. even people who didn't know jodi that well would suspect that. >> geraldo: and you to help me here. david hughes i'm going to keep referring to you as dr. hughes. i know you are a chiropractor but i have to diving fo differu you from dave hall. even though you didn't know her well, you immediately thought she had murder on her mind for some reason? >> i did know her well. she worked on my team and i
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took calls from her and workled with her quite closely. people who did not know h her well even suspected that it was here. >> geraldo: and dave hall, sitting in court now did anything in terms of the testimony surprise you this week? >> you know, nothing has surprised me yet in this trial other than the fact of how overwhelming the evidence is against her. i knew they had a pretty air tight case. but what i'm seeing as i sit the courtroom blows my mind how she can even think about getting off on this. >> geraldo: do you know any other men or women for that matter who will is support her contention that travis alexander was violent toward her? dave hall? >> you know, i was on the phone today with one of travis' former girlfriends and spoke at length about their relationship and i can tell you everyone that i know that had any
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relationship of significance with mr. alexander only speaks highly of the way that they were treated. he was a gentleman to them and it would be completely out of his character to show violence toward is any female ever. >> geraldo: the question is to both of you. dave hall, you first. do you think jodi arias will take the witness stand in her own defense? >> i hope so. i really hope so. i hope the world gets the chance to hear from her as she has all of the evidence of all of her versions of her story put on the stand and she has to explain the bold-faced lies she has told to the world over and over and over. >> geraldo: and dr. david hughes? >> i absolutely think she will take the stand and here s why i say that. i think she will take it because she knows that she has a way with men. and i think that she is going to try and get the men in that jury to say there is no way, you know, to believe her story
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that she did it in self-defense. >> geraldo: it will be certainly intriguing to watch and see if she tries that. she certainly is an attractive defendant. the studies show attractive defendants do better with juries especially than ugly ones do, go figure. dave hall thanks. dr. david hughes, thank you both. as the president vows quick action on gun control opponents scheduled a national gun appreciation day and john stossel is coming on to tell us why he guns are good for us. after this.
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this s not taking away people's guns. i own a gun. a remington shotgun. i have hunted. i have shot. that is not what this is about. it is about ending the undernecessary risk of high capacity assault rifles. >> gun control has been a failed ex-airment. let's look at mental health and a violent culture and things that can really address the underlying problem and then we can start making a difference in our kids lives. >> geraldo: as the white house escalates its threat to impose gun control in the wake of the colorado movie and the sandy hook school massacres gun sale is are exploding across the country and the biggest sellers presizely the high capacity weapons and magazines used in those savege crimes.
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larry ward is chairman of the brand new national gun appreciation day and margo bennett is an executive director of women against gun violence. margo, you first. ladies first. what do you make of the fact that americans are rushing to the gun stores stripping the shelves, buying these ar 15s and these 223 bushmasters presizely the kinds of weapons used in the massacres? >> well, actually we believe that the people that are buying these guns are current owners of weapons. we don't believe that this epidemic is affecting our whole country, just the people who already own guns are buying more. >> geraldo: i don't know if that is true. in december, there were more federal criminal background checks done than in any previous month. but let's even if it is people who own guns, i mean everyone flocking to the stores, does that give you pause, margo? >> well, of course, we are
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worried about the proliferation of guns in our country. i don't really understand the necessity for these military style weapons and i know that even the majority, 74% of nra members don't understand the need for these types of weapons. >> geraldo: now, you have a march planned on washington for what date? >> january 29. >> geraldo: january 29. >> ten days prior to that, larry, your group is holding its national gun appreciation day. what is the the idea? >> the idea is very much in the line with chick-fil-a appreciation day. we are asking people to go out and celebrate the second amendment by going to your gun store or local gun range or local gun show and shoot a few bullets and buy a few bullets and hold up your hands off my gun sign. >> geraldo: do you believe you
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will get widespread popular support? where will the phoenix us, will it all be in washington, d.c. or -- nexus, in washington, d.c. or every franchise everywhere? >> be everywhere, absolutely. >> geraldo: what is the point you are making? >> the point we are making is gun control hasn't worked. there are 20,000 laws on the books right now, over 20,000 laws on gun control and they failed in aurora. they failed in the sikh temple. they failed in newtown. and there is how many more laws are we going to add? 40,000 laws, 60,000 laws? how many laws s it going to take before criminals start following them? >> geraldo: let me ask you this larry and margot i will ask you the following. you you can argue whether sales should be restricted.
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will you agree that guns should not be sold for instance to people on the terrorist no fly zone or orders against them because of domestic violence do you believe that background checks should be universal including people who buy guns privately or at gun shows, larry ward? >> that is a good question and there is some things that we have to look at. the most important thing to realize is that we have to look at mental health and pharmaceuticals and -- >> geraldo: that doesn'tance my question, larry. >> i am. personally, mental health is a very important aspect of life. i mean people go through divorces and therapy and have domestic problems and they have just depression, seasonal affective disorder. so many elements of mental illness and the one thing i want to avoid at all costs is if somebody goes to the doctor
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they lose their second amendment right. look at what congress was talking about last year that soldiers who had been labeled ptsd who for maybe four to eight or 12 years had been carrying guns around protecting our liberties and our country they come back to the united states because they are labeled ptsd and lose their second amendment right. >> geraldo: i have to give margot 30 seconds. your response to my question about mandatory background checks for everyone? >> absolutely. we believe that the background check records should be kept so we can see who is stockpiling records. >> geraldo: i didn't hear the end of that. >> i said that we support a 100% background check but that we also support keeping those background records which currently have to be destroyed. >> geraldo: a good point. >> we would like those records checked and saved. >> geraldo: thank you.
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where they say hunt pigeons. john stossel author most recently of no they can't why government fails but individuals succeed. john now believes although he was a liberal back in the day he believes guns are good for us. you have gone through this metamore famous music is issues. metamorphasis. >> the the criminals are more afraid of a back guy packing heat than they are of the cops. the laws don't work. >> geraldo: what about criminal background checks? >> well, i mean let's start with the easy one. don't you think that consensus can be reached between the government and the anti-gun forces and the gun advocates on mandatory background checks,
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closing the gun show loophole. isn't that a no brainer? >> none of it is a no brainer. but, yes, are i would like it that mentally ill people, the dangerous felons can't get guns. but you have lawyers disease. you went to law school where they teach you that you can manage life with paper and procedure. and that government is capable of doing that. that is why i wrote no, they can't. because i discovered they make it worse. they will lose the records. already in new york, i applied for a gun to see what it is like. it cost $300. it takes forever. the bad guys will still get guns. the rules don't work. >> geraldo: the fact that the bad guys get guns. isn't one of the reasons the bad guys get guns is that -- because of state's rights you you have a place like, virginia, where you can go in and buy ten guns at a time and then go out and give nine of them away to your buddies who live in new jersey or new york or other places where there are restrictive laws while in new york city no one can buy a gun
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basically except the wealthy guys who have the connection to go get a hidden carry permit and all of the rest of it. >> that is logical and why bloomberg says we just got to close the loopholes and i say no they he can't. look at the places like norway where they have really tight laws and that guy shot 53 people. people can get guns. england they passed the gun ban and the violent crime rate went up. it just doesn't work. >> geraldo: i heard that the murder rate went down in britain and australia after the gun ban. >> australia for awhile. it has gone back up. my understanding it the violent crime rate tripled in england after the gun ban. >> geraldo: don't you feel that there must be some common ground, some practical -- government doesn't fail at everything, does it? >> just about. your career started with willow brook. a government has to get this there and take care of the mentally ill children that were being abused and not taken care of. eager beavers come and do a
10:28 pm
good job for awhile. over time government then abused them. how can you have faith that these bureaucrats will not collect the information -- >> geraldo: with presize targeted simple rules. if you are on a terrorist no fly less you cannot get a gun license. >> that seems reasonable 86 can't argue with that one. >> geraldo: an order of protection you can't get a gun license. >> the burden of proof on the regulator. we have a right to pack heat. guns are good? guns are good? >> most gunsnsnsnsnsns my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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live in america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. france is asking for the pentagon for grown support that request following military action by france against al-qaeda linked militants inside mali. hundreds of french troops trying to drive back rebel groups. the french president is raising france's domestic terror threat level and increasing security at public buildings. and one idea to avert a debt crisis getting the axe. the white house and treasury ruling out a trillion dollars coin that had been tossed around 80s one way to pay the government bills and avoid a battle with congress over raising the debt ceiling. the u.s. already reached its borrowing limit and could begin defaulting on government loans
10:32 pm
by late february or early march. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for all your latest headlines log on to fox news .com. braps
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decided by a judge who will listen to the evidence beginning on the 13th day of february. and he will make that decisiond based upon all of the evidenc that is being presented. >> give be the fact that the two alleged perpetrators the principal people involved werel members of the exhalted football team is isn't it fair to say that the case has been handled differently than if, say, they were members of the chess squad? >> i really don't think so. i know that allegation has been made but i have seen nothing is the investigation that we would have s handled this any
10:42 pm
differently. it would not have been any different no matter who it was. >> granted you still have someo interviews to conduct but it sounds from the tone that you have concluded there are two people perpetrators involveder and only two? >> in regard to >> in regard to the actual crime itself, not the aftermath, as far as we can tell we are done with this investigation. there is an aftermath to it and that investigation continues. >> geraldo: are you convinced you have theist to convict? >> we believe we have the evidence but ultimately this is up to the tryer of fact and in this case a very experienced juvenile court judge from cincinnati. >> geraldo: would you you like to address the parents of the victim in this case? >> well, my heart goes out to them. it goes out to any victim. what we saw on tape, what the public saw six or he is he
10:43 pm
ago which we had already seen, a young man who wasn't apparently there at the time but is den greating this victim and -- denigrating this victim and making fun of her is disgust. i'm sorry that that occurred and that anybody has to put up with that. >> geraldo: me too. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> geraldo: congresswomanning up, you you win the lot -- coming up, you win the lottery but after your wife cooks your but after your wife cooks your a celebratory dinner÷÷
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>> geraldo: in is a crime time in prime time alert. now, that the cook county medical examiner concluded that khan died of a lethal dose of cyanide, the body scheduled to be exhumed. here is fox chicago correspondent greg wall. >> i got a call at 4:00 in the morning. there was screaming on the phone and i couldn't understand what was going on. >> her sister says she doesn't understand who called her that night but it came from her brother's home. a judge has given approval for khan's body to be exhumed so the medical examiner can conduct a complete autopsy to determine how khan in guested the cyanide that killed him. >> i will be glad to finally know what happened. >> khan was a million dollars
10:47 pm
lottery winner back in june. he accepted a ceremonial check with his wife and caught fresh a previous marriage standing by his side. on july 20 the day his $425,000 lump sum check was mailed he died in his home from what was later demmed to be cyanide poisoning. since then, 17-year-old jasmin has moved out of the house and her aunt has been appointed guardian. the family says his wife prepared him his last meal, a curried meat dish which he ate around 11:00 p.m. but they say no one else ate the food. hours later khan died but experts say cyanide usually kills people quickly raising questions about the food as the source. the autopsy is expected to be completed by the end of next week and that will allow the medical examiner to determine if he in guested the poison by food, drink, or if he breathed it. ansari denied having anything
10:48 pm
to do with her husband's death saying she loved him and supports the exhumation. >> khan's sister wants her brother to rest in peace. >> we have to have justice served. if that s what it takes to bring justice for him and bring peace that is what needs to be done. >> do you think they will find the truth? >> i'm sure. at least i hope they do. >> geraldo: if i was khan's wife i would call a fine attorney with experience. jose baez joins us. the wife allowed him to be pureried without an autopsy. looks pretty bad, wouldn't you you say? >> i don't think so. the case is way too soon to be making any judgment calls. we don't know the as a results of the test. how do you not the have an autopsy on a 40 something-year-old man? this is already putting the
10:49 pm
medical examiners office. >> you. >> that is not the family decision. the medical examiner can unilaterally make this decision after a suspicious death. the man is in his 40s. why didn't the medical examiner of office say we will conduct an autopsy there is a suspicious death and there is plenty of ways of detecting cyanide by looking at the lividity and the odors that come from the body and any medical expert can determine or suspect that cyanide might be poisoning. and the levels of cyanide. everyone has cyanide in their bodies. one of the things that i would look at right away are the levels that are initially involved. and the exhumation isn't going to help much either because once the body decomposes it precreates more cyanide. >> sounds like baez is formulating his defense.
10:50 pm
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the. >> geraldo: the state has introduced these statements that casey anthony made. it does not appear as if she received her miranda warnings against self-incrimination. do you believe that the state in presenting the case to zealously has planted the seeds for a rehe versal upon appeal? >> i think so. any lawyer hearing the actual entare gaition and how rough and tough it was may say that the state may very well have given her a gift and maybe her only gift in this trial a point
10:54 pm
on appellate reversal. she was being interrogated harshly and the focus of the interrogation and if she wasn't mirandaizeed she has a strong case on appeal. >> no doubt casey anthony lied to the cop. there is a chance america's most hated woman would win a reversal of the only thing she was convicted of lying to the cops. the state argues she wasn't really in custody so there was no county tubessal requirement that she get mir -- constitutional requirement that she get miranda warnings. >> i got a bridge to sell you in brooklyn. i think it is ridiculous they are claiming that. there is no reason for them not to have mirandaizeed her. it is the simplest thing to do. they were just afraid she was going to lawyer up and the fact of the matter is she probably wouldn't have lawyered up. a blunder are any way you look at it. >> geraldo: even if she had been convicted of the murder
10:55 pm
charge if they used the statements against her she might have had a reversal on that and a retrial anyway. people hate her so much they don't want to hear any of the evidence that in any way seems to indicate that she is not absolutely stone cold guilty of killing that child which she may be, nobody knows. >> you know my next guest, a very funny guy. in this case he is is playing opposite rob low who stars as the casey anthony prosecutor in the big movie coming down the pike on the 19th. oscar nunez joins us. have you met jose baez whom you play in the movie. >> i have not met him. this is the first time. not really meeting but. >> oscar, this s jose or the jose who plays you. oscar, weren't you furious in real life that is what i heard when jose baez got casey anthony off? do you play jose as a sleezy
10:56 pm
defense lawyer. >> i play him as a lawyer who wants to win. >> geraldo: win at any cost? tell us how you feel. >> his job is to get her off and, you know, i didn't follow the case when it happened because i thought how could she not be guilty. i don't need to follow this. how could someone wait 30 day. but it happened. it happened. >> geraldo: what was your motivation playing jose? was that what it was about? victovictory? >> it is a very big case for him. and he did everything within the law to get her off. and if that means -- there is different tactics for winning these things especially when you are defense attorney and he chose a smart tactic which i think was -- it was balance between going over facts and innuendo and stuff like that and attacking the witnesses that they put up and the prosecution has a different
10:57 pm
agenda and in this particular case the jury went with jose. >> geraldo: jose, comments on the screen play. have you readed it? >> you know, i was given a copy of the script and i didn't get to read through the whole thing because i had to give it back to the person who gave it to me. but i think there is a part in there where you are interviewing me or in this case interviewing oscar but, you you know he, it is from jeff ashton's point of view. it is one way of looking at it. and just as i ask that people respect the defense's version, you know, i have to respect the prosecution's version. however, much that i disagree with it and i think that is well noted how much i disagree with it. but i -- i'm anxious to see the movie. and see exactly how things are portrayed. my understanding is it is not very flattering to the
10:58 pm
prosecution in certain ways. >> geraldo: they lost. oscar, s it flattering? or s it just an american tragedy which it really is? >> i have been sitting here watching the show and it is like a lady susan of horror and nightmare, the poor rape thing and then the guy who wins the lotto. but dies from that. >> more movies for you going down the pike. >> gosh, geraldo. the parts in the movie in court that is verbatim. if i said a word wrong they would stop and say this is the word they said, not this one. when they are in court that is what happened. >> geraldo: you think casey anthony got away with murder, oscar? >> i -- the only one who knows is her and she is not talking. i think it may have been an accidental death. >> geraldo: really? >> that is my theory. but i could be wrong. i don't know. just from looking at -- something happened to this
10:59 pm
girl, geraldo. >> geraldo: that is for sure. >> i don't know. >> geraldo: thank you so much for coming on. jose, a pleasure as alwaysysyss


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